Wali ul Asr strives to provide an environment where students can excel spiritually, academically, and in their personality development. We strongly believe that it is possible for our next generation to integrate with the larger society as leaders and ambassadors of our beautiful faith.

We strongly believe our students should not—and do not need to—compromise on the values of our beautiful faith to achieve academic excellence. At Wali ul Asr, Islam is not restricted to Islamic Studies courses; rather, it is integrated into the fabric of every subject and every activity that takes place. All of our teachers are practicing Shia Muslims who engage in interactive discussions with the students on a regular basis. We have also put together an alumni program, which will continue to support students after their graduation. We are confident that the graduates of Wali ul Asr will be practicing Muslims and will be a source of light for others, Insha’Allah.

Wali ul Asr is committed to achieving the highest academic standards by following an enhanced curriculum that has been approved by the Ministry of Education. By the grace of Allah (SWT), Wali ul Asr students have excelled in their written standardized provincial exams for the past six consecutive years. Last year, one of our graduating students received an offer of admission from one of Canada’s top university programs in Canada at the age of 15. She received a 90% scholarship and is currently one of the top students in her class at the University of Toronto. This year, Wali ul Asr’s youngest graduate at just 14 years old was accepted into one of the top university programs in Canada. Alhamdulillah – we pray for their continued success.

At Wali ul Asr, we strongly believe in developing children with well-rounded personalities. Activities which facilitate this development include: sports, martial arts training, swimming (in the nearby recreation centres), speech competitions, arts, poetry and dramatic competitions, science fairs, sports days, family events, and much more. Please visit the media section of www.waliulasr.ca to view pictures of past events.

Wali ul Asr students will Insha’Allah integrate with the larger society as leaders and ambassadors of our venerable faith. Our students participate in a number of out-of-school events to build their confidence as Shia individuals. Last year, despite composing only 0.001% of the student population in the region, 15% of the projects at the regional Science Fairs were submitted by Wali ul Asr students. This made our students the largest group of participants at the event. We also won a prestigious, inter-school speech competition two years in a row and routinely participate in a number of other university competitions.

Wali ul Asr enjoys an excellent relationship with members of other communities and faiths. As followers of the Ahl al-Bayt (a), we are encouraged to have the best of akhlaaq and deal with everyone as our brothers and sisters in faith or as our equals in humanity. Wali ul Asr students are especially encouraged to gain a deeper understanding of the Jewish and Christian faiths as they participate in inter-faith activities organized by Wali ul Asr and other schools. Our students are productive members of the Canadian society and engage in activities that are beneficial for our fellow citizens, community and for society at large.

At Wali ul Asr, we strive to produce graduates who will be practicing Muslims that are confident in their identity, excellent in academics, articulate in public speaking, have strong athletic capabilities and are respectful of other religions and cultures.

Yes, the credits earned at Wali ul Asr are transferable to any other Canadian school.

Wali ul Asr does not reject any student based on their inability to pay the tuition fee. We have a variety of scholarships, loans, and other programs available to help deserving individuals and families.

The admission process consists of an admissions test in conjunction with an interview with the parents and the registering student. Register now!

The transportation options include school buses, vans, and carpooling arrangements.

We offer science (pre-engineering, pre-medicine), business and humanities streams among many others in our high school program. Please contact the school for a detailed course list.

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