The overall appearance of Wali ul Asr students must always be clean and respectful.

On non-uniform days, students are allowed to wear clothing of their choice, keeping in mind that they still must abide by the Islamic dress code.

If a student is found not to be abiding by the uniform policy, the office will contact the parents and a consequence may be assigned. Students must be in full uniform before they are allowed to attend class. Students not wearing the uniform due to emergency circumstances must inform the office or homeroom teacher before the start of the day. Students who violate the uniform policy on a regular basis may be sent home and receive suspensions for subsequent violations.

The school uniform is provided by InSchoolWear – (905) 338-3030. The store is located at 482 South Service Rd East, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 2X6.

The details of the uniforms are listed below:

  • Shirts – Plain long sleeved white shirt with school logo. Must be tucked in at all times for boys.
  • Vests or Blazers (Boys) – Green sleeveless vest or green long sleeved blazer with school logo. Must be worn over the school shirt.
  • Tunics (Girls) – Green sleeveless tunic with school logo must be worn over the school shirt.
  • Hijab (Girls) – Plain white, two-piece hijab for all elementary girls and the option to wear a black hijab for high school girls.
  • Jackets – Plain black or dark green jackets or sweaters are allowed. Hoodies or jackets with logos, brands, or images are not allowed. Tunics, vests, blazers, or gym shirts must still be worn underneath.
  • Undershirts – Must be plain white with no writing, slogans or colours.
  • Pants – Grey dress pants must be worn. Casual grey pants or jeans are not allowed.
  • Shoes – All-black dress shoes only, with plain black or white socks. Shoes must be made of leather or leather-like material and they cannot have logos or other colours. Sneakers, sandals, slippers, heels or any other kind of casual shoe are not allowed. Black boots can be worn outdoors when there is rain or snow.
  • Gym – Long sleeved, white collared t-shirt with the school logo, worn with green track pants. Sport shoes with regular colour tones may be worn on gym days for JK to Grade 8 and only during gym periods for Grade 9.
  • During Winter – Depending on the weather conditions, students should bring gloves, scarves, snow boots, and winter coats.
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